The solution to costly ice cream cake cups!


We manufacture fully automatic ovens that produce ice cream cake cups for franchisees, retailers and point of sale food service.


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MC600  Capable of producing 600 jacketed or unjacketed cake cups every hour. This monster can handle even the busiest food service operation, provide enough cake cups for several operations in close proximity or be used as a small commercial plant to service packaged retail businesses like grocery stores or franchisors.


MC150  Capable of producing 150 jacketed or unjacketed cake cups every hour. This is more suitable to larger point of sale locations where ice cream or frozen yogurt is the focus of the business. Start it in the morning and have 500 cones fresh and ready by lunchtime!


MC75  Ideal for most point of sale locations where ice cream and frozen yogurt is served in addition to other menu items. Available with the option to apply jackets or without and capable of producing 75 cake cups per hour.


Extremely low cost to operate, can usually pay for themselves in the first year of operation! 


Energy efficient, eliminates packaging waste and logistics!


Safe to work around, small footprint.


Make a multitude of flavors! Why be boring?


Both ovens configured to produce either jacketed or unjacketed cake cups in #10, #22, #30, #60 and #90 sizes.


Simple interchangeable molds to allow for several different sizes from one oven!


Jackets  not  applied with messy syrup. Much more vibrant colors!


Potential to have proprietary molds designed for larger users.

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